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Bra Buster Perisa shows her massive black tits and large areolas.

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These photos are from a glamour shoot I did. The photographer was so horny looking at my tits that he asked me if I would suck his cock when we were done. He also asked me if he could come on my big black boobs. I decided to let him have some fun. I sucked his cock and then he titty fucked me until he shot a huge load of cum all over my large areolas. Guys always love spaying my tits with cum.

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Perisa exposed her all natural, big black boobs and deep cleavage.

My photographer hates the fact that I put a tattoo on my boob.  I got the tattoo some years ago before I started modeling and doing adult work.  He decided to take some of the the photos from this shoot and air-bush out the tattoo to see how I look without it. If you are a lover of ink, you probably like the tattoo of the lips and long tongue eating cherry, on my boob. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Perisa covers her huge black boobs with her hands forming a hand bra.

Don’t you wish your hands were on my big tits and large areolas? If you are a guy, I know you would want more. After you fondled and sucked on my tits you would want to stick your dick between them and give me a titty fuck. If you haven’t cum yet, you might want me to give you deep head, or you would want to pump my pussy with your hard cock. Either way, I am down! They only request I have is that you shoot your load of hot cum in my mouth, or on my big black tits.

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When guys see my big natural tits they immediately get a hard-on. Then, I wrap my 38DDD fun bags around his rock hard cock and give him a good titty fuck. I love it when a guy shoots a load of cum on my big nipples and tits. Make sure you check-out my titty fuck, blowjob and handjob videos by clicking here.

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Big tit, Perisa, is ready to suck white cock.

I did a shoot recently dressed in a pink satin robe with my all natural  big black tits exposed and it ended up with me sucking the photographer’s big white cock. I love giving head and doing deep throat. Whenever I show-off my deep cleavage or expose my tits, guys dicks stand to attention. That is exactly what I want! A hard dick I can suck and fuck.

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I know this is what you want to see, me sucking a white cock. I am opening my mouth wide to take a big white cock down my throat. I went down on this white dick, doing deep throat until I got him to shoot a load of his creamy white cum in my mouth.

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I am a mature black woman that loves sucking white cock and getting a load of creamy white cum dumped in my mouth after giving great head. Black women are the best at giving head and doing deep throat. White women have no idea on how to suck cock. Us black bitches are the best!  You preppy white  women just need to ask your boyfriend or husband. Black women know how to please their men.

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Bra Buster Perisa, shows off her big black tits and deep cleavage.

I hope you are not disappointed that I haven’t posted any of my cock sucking photos with this entry, but I wanted to add some of my favorite photos of my 38DDD big black tits. Now, this is what I call cleavage, and they are all real. I’ll bet you would like to get in between these chocolate pillows? A good titty fuck is always fun, and I love the feel of warm cum on my nipples.

Perisa uses her hand bra to hold up her 38DDD black titties.

I love my smile in this photo, but I know you are looking at something else. My 38DDD’s busting out of my hand bra. You can see my huge aerolas that cover almost the  entire end of my tits. These fun bags are literally a hand full when you are only 4″ 11″ tall. Each one weighs 9 lbs. That is some huge baby feeders to carry around all day, but I wouldn’t have them reduced for the world. I have too much sexual fun these big black boobs.

Busty ebony milf, Perisa exposes her huge 38DDD tits and deep cleavage.

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The big tit freaky ebony bra buster, Perisa.

My 1970′s blaxploitation film‎ look. Don’t I remind you of Foxy Brown, except my tits are much bigger than hers.

Big tit freaky head cock sucker, Perisa.

This is from one of my most popular cock sucking video clips. I put my white framed glasses on to give head, making me look a little freaky.

Bra buster Perisa, swallows a load of cum.

Now I am really looking freaky with the cum dripping out of my mouth onto my tits. It was a lot of fun especially the cock sucking.

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Ebony, big natural tit bbw, Perisa.

This photo is from my fist shoot for I had only done a couple of shoots, as Lovely Libra, for some other sites when Bob contacted me to be on his site. I love sucking cock, so I figured it would be fun to do a shoot and give him head. He shot a bunch of photos of my big natural ebony tits and then he asked me if I could do deep throat. He also told me that he wanted to shoot his load in my mouth. I was on for both! I love sucking white cock and swallowing a guys cum. Check-out my white cock, deep throat talents in Bob’s Clip Store. If you want to see more photos of me and some of my busty black girlfriends check out Busty Black Babes at